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Find Out What Type of Dump Trailer is Best For You!

Sure-Trac and CAM Superline dump trailers provide dependability and proven performance, but do you know which dump hoist is best for your jobs?

The single/dual ram hoist is a very popular option when choosing a dump trailer and is a proven industry standard. When loading this type of dump trailer, it is important to make sure the load is even and on level ground for safety reasons to minimize stress on the trailer. A dual ram cylinder appears more stable, is easy to maintain and is the most popular seller out of the hoists.

The Scissor hoist has a larger cylinder with a lot of structural support. This extra support adds more stability. This hoist has the fastest cycle time. The power up gravity down provides and extends the dump trailers battery life and gives you the capability of more dumps on a daily basis.

The Telescopic hoist provides the best mechanical angle for lifting and dumping. This hoist has a 3-stage cylinder with 100 percent of the payload behind the lifting point. This hoist is power up gravity down and is considered very efficient when dumping. The Telescopic hoist has been increasing in popularity due to its efficiency.

New to 2018 is the Sure-Trac dump trailer with a 4′ stationary deck. (Also check Cam Superline)  With the stationary deck, you can load separate implements on that portion, such as mini skid steers, leaf loaders, blowers, pallets and other pieces of equipment.

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