America’s #1 in rodeo and ranch equipment for over 50 years, Priefert offers a full line of products for your farm, ranch, or rodeo needs.

Cattle Equipment:

Built by ranchers, for ranchers, Priefert’s offers a full line of cattle handling products.


Handling Equipment

Reliably built to be easy on the cow and cowboy, Priefert offers squeeze chutes, headgates and calf tables.

Sweep Systems

3 types available – premier open sweeps, rough stock open sweeps, and solid sheeted sweeps. Customization available to fit your herd.

Corral Systems

A variety of designs available for you to choose the best size for your herd.

Cattle Panels & Bow Gates

Available in the premier panel and heavy-duty rough stock panels to meet the needs of today’s cattle market.

Tru-Test Scales

These scales take the guesswork out of weighing your herd.

Priefert Loading Chute

12’ in size, these include a cleated rumber floor, adjustable support legs, and a sliding hideaway tow bar with hitch attachment.

Cattle Feeders

A wide variety offered including bunk feeders, round bale feeders, creep feeders, feeder panels, and more.

Cattle Waterers

Galvanized water tanks in a variety of shapes and sizes to make sure you get the best fit for your herd.


Priefert’s gates are the best value on the market. Available in a variety of lengths and gauges, these gates are designed to be both durable and attractive.


Economy Gate

Available in several different lengths, these are a great choice for driveways, pastures, and other non-crowding areas.

Galvanized Economy Gate

The galvanized version of the economy gate features a lag bolt post attachment and chain latch.

Bull Gates

This is the heaviest economically priced gate suitable for heavy crowded areas.

Galvanized Bull gates

The galvanized version of the bull gate good for high humidity and salty air conditions.


The most popular powder coated gate for non-crowded areas has a unique D-shaped tubing with maximum rigidity.

Rough Stock Gates

The heaviest and most durable gates offered by Priefert. These are ideal for heavy crowding situations.

Wire-Filled Economy Gates

The perfect choice for anywhere with field fence wire such as enclosures for small livestock.

Galvanized Wire-Filled Economy Gates

The galvanized version of the wire-filled economy gates is offered in a variety of lengths for non-crowded applications.

Ponderosa Gates

These are offered in several length choices in your choice of 3 or 4 rails and are designed to match the Ponderosa Fencing Line.

Horse Equipment:

Priefert’s equine equipment life is designed with the highest degree of thought and safety for horses and handlers.


Horse Stalls

Whether you own one horse or several horses, Priefert offers a variety of stalls and styles to meet your needs. Premier stalls include bar/wood, poly install, stall panels, poly stall panels, and stall accessories. The expo stall lane includes front and panel vertical bar top, front and panel horizontal bar top, solid poly filled panel, and expo stall starter post.

Horse Walkers

Priefert horse walkers are unlike any others on the market. They are maintenance free, safe, attractive and give your horse the capability of being well conditioned on their own.

Horse panels

Horse safe panels are what Priefert offers. The line includes different panels for just about every type of horse and budget, including economy, utility, premier, mustang, and parelli panel and gates.

Round Pens

Built for horses of all ages, Priefert offers economy, utility, premier and 6’ tall premier/mustang round pens.

Riding Arenas and Accessories

Priefert offers both pre-configured arena designs or the option to build your own. They also have accessories to keep your arena in top shape, including arena master and chain harrows.

Horse Feeders, Stock and Waterers

Tons of options to choose from for feeders, stock, and waterers! Hay and grain feeder, 5’ bunk feeder, pasture horse feeder, round bale feeders, and tombstone feeders are available to choose from based on your herds needs. Horse stock, horse stock anchors, and horse stock platforms provide a safe environment and stability for your horse. Waterers are available in all different sizes and include galvanized, little giant push paddle waterer, and the tru-test open top horse waterer.

Priefert Dog Kennels:

These premiere kennels are easy to assemble and are designed with function and safety in mind.


6’ Tall Premier Kennel Kits

Durable, easy to assemble kennel kits that combing galvanizing and powder coating for maximum rust protection. Priefert’s Professional Grade Premier Kennels are built for boarding operations, breeders, trainers, and animal hospitals. Designed to provide many years of trouble-free operation, the Premier Kennels are a great option for professionals and individual pet owners. These kennels include unique features that enhance ease of assembly, versatility, durability, and animal safety. Sizes include 4’ x 5’, 4’ x 10’, 5’ x 5, 5’ x 10’ and 10’ x 10’.


A line of kennel components and connectors to full customize your kennel layout. These products included 6’ tall premier kennel fronts, 6’ tall premier kennel panels and kennel connectors


Privacy Panels and Kennel shades to add to your kennel setup. Accessories available include kennel tops and adapters, kennel privacy panels, and kennel shades and support box.

Roping/Rodeo Equipment:

The Priefert name is known for its roping equipment. They offer roping chutes and accessories for professional ropers and top organizations, such as roping boxes, steer alleys, stripping chute, and stripping release gate and entry frame. The roping chute line includes manual, competition, fully automatic, score, Q36 solar powered, manual calf, and automatic calf.


Bucking Chutes

Known for their ruggedness and reliability, bucking chutes are designed with the cowboy and the stock in mind.

Arenas and Accessories

Choose from a preconfigured arena or building your own.

Rough Stock Panels and Gates

Panels for rough stock and extra rank cattle, prefiert offers panels, bow gates and frame, walk through panels, and accessories.

Arrow Pens

Arrow Pens allow you to pre-sort and stage your cattle event to assure things go off without a hitch. Priefert offers a variety of these including single sided arrow pen kits, double sided arrow pen kits, arrow pen alley frame, arrow pen alley frame with gate, arrow pen bow gate, arrow pen gate panel, arrow pen latch panel, and arrow pen panel.

Mutton Bustin

This has grown to be a popular form of entertainment at the rodeo. Created specifically for the sport and designed to connect to the sheep, hog, and goat panels to create a mini area.

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